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Translating Duolingo in Gothic

Hello there,

I tried to find

I 'm currently with some people trying to revive the Gothic language, there are already some people at this website working on a Gothic course to learn the language. I 'm however also looking for websites which can be translated in Gothic in order to make the use of Gothic in the web bigger. I have already found one website which was willing for this and which currently get's translated.

I couldn't really contact anyone who owns Duolingo so I wanted to ask here if you can ask for translations and if so, if it's possible for me and a few other people to translate?

June 5, 2014

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Hello Roel, I should mention that we are not in the incubator yet. There are lost of other Germanic languages that were recently approved (Swedish and Danish, while Dutch has been rapidly nearing completion at record speeds) but Gothic is still awaiting approval. Because it is an extinct language, Duolingo will probably allow more living languages to graduate into Beta before they add Gothic, Latin, etc. We are spending our time meanwhile going through vocabulary lists and preparing our resources at the moment...there is lots of prep-work to do!

We hope that when we are approved we will have resources at the ready so that we are able to make quicker work of the course design and such. I imagine that if/when our course is approved, Duo will probably allow UI strings to be translated at that time. We appreciate your enthusiasm and are glad that the Gothic community is alive and strong!

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