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  5. "That is the past."

"That is the past."

Translation:Itu masa lalu.

June 8, 2019



What is the difference between zaman and masa?


No difference in this sentence.


I like an answer too


I am not sure the difference between "masa lalu" and "dahulu".


dahulu = previously, formerly, in the past

masa lalu = past era


WayangOrang would you please give some examples of using 'dahulu' in a sentence so we can compare it to 'masa lalu' please? eg Formerly I was married to Mr Bean, but that was in the past. Would that be "Dahulu saya pernah menikah dengan Pak Bean, tapi itu masa lalu." Many thanks.


Would that be "Dahulu saya pernah menikah dengan Pak Bean, tapi itu masa lalu."

In such a sentence, the phrase "masa lalu" is synonymous to "dahulu".
Both can be translated as "the past".
So, you could also start & end with the same phrase, like this:
"Dahulu saya ... , tapi itu dahulu."
"Pada masa lalu saya ... , tapi itu masa lalu."
"In the past I ... , but that was the past."

However, these phrases are not always synonymous.
"dahulu" can have other meanings as well.
Here are the definitions and example sentences in KBBI (official dictionary):


n (waktu) yang telah lalu; (masa) lampau:
lain -- lain sekarang

adv lebih awal; paling depan:
-- bajak daripada jawi

adv yang mula-mula (dikerjakan, diperbuat, dan sebagainya); dulu:
-- membaca, lalu menulis; silakan duduk --

adv lebih awal; sebelum:
terlebih -- saya ucapkan terima kasih; -- daripada itu

1st definition:
dahulu = (waktu) yang telah lalu, (masa) lampau ==> (period of time) that has already past.
dahulu = masa lampau = masa lalu = masa dahulu <== same meaning.
"dahulu" & "masa lalu" are synonyms, just like in your own example sentence and the sentence from the course.

2nd definition:
dahulu = lebih awal, paling depan ==> earlier, in front.
Example sentence KBBI:
"Dahulu bajak daripada jawi."
"In front is the plow instead of the ox." (literal translation).
"To put the cart before the horse." (very loosely translated).

3rd definition:
dahulu = yang mula-mula ==> the first.
Example sentence KBBI:
"Dahulu membaca, lalu menulis."
"First read, then write."
"Silakan duduk dahulu."
"Please have a seat first."

4th definition:
dahulu = lebih awal, sebelum ==> earlier, before.
Example sentence KBBI:
"Terlebih dahulu saya ucapkan terima kasih."
"First I want to say thank you."
"Dahulu daripada itu."
"Earlier than that." / "Before that."

In the first definition, "dahulu" is synonymous with "masa lalu".
In the other definitions and example sentences, "dahulu" cannot be replaced with "masa lalu".

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what is wrong itu adalah masa lalu


I guess it's okay as well.

'adalah' is not necessary here.

It looks like people always want to translate the verb "to be" into "adalah" in the Indonesian sentence.

You can use it, but it's not necessary.


Could someone please explain with examples, how these expressions should be used?
Masa lalu – past itu masa lalu – that is the past dahulu = previously, formerly, in the past masa lalu = past era itu masa lalu - that is the past itu dahulu – that was before Itu dahulu, ini sekarang – that was before, this is now

I can't understand why 'itu dahulu' was not accepted. Thanks for helping.


I can't understand why 'itu dahulu' was not accepted.

That should also be accepted.
It's probably not yet in the database of translations.

dahulu = dulu

"dulu" (instead of "dahulu") is often used in everyday speech.
If "dulu" is not used in this course, it's probably because it's considered a non-standard form ("bentuk tidak baku").
It's shown on the KBBI page like this :

bentuk tidak baku: dulu

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