Arabic Word of the Day 46#

ہیلو! Today we’re going to look at rooms in your house [so like your bedroom etc…]. Sorry I’m late to posting today, I’m kinda busy “revising”, but I’ll try to post anyways! Unfortunately, these may become shorter than usual, but I guess they’ll be easier to remember. Let me stop waffling, and let’s begin!

غرفة = “Ghurfa” = A room

غرف = “Ghuraf” = Rooms

بيت = “Bayt” = House/Home

منزل = “Manzil” = House/Home – [Recap – you should already know these two]

غرفة جلوس = “Ghurfat juloos” = A sitting room [living room] – “Ghurfa” becomes “Ghurfat” when followed by “juloos” which means “sitting” because there are missing words. In fact, it should be “A room for sitting” but here we are saying “room sitting” so the silent “t” is pronounced. If this concept makes no sense to you, and you prefer simplicity, just remember it the way it is!

غرفة معيشة = “Ghurfat ma3eesha” = A living room – “Ma3eesha” ,as you can guess, means “living”.

حمام = “H^am’maam” = A Bathroom / bath – Don’t get mixed up with “H^amaam” which is “pigeons”… I mean if you say “I need to go to the pigeons” no-one will take you seriously lol. So to avoid that, make sure you say “H^am” then pause then say “maam” ok? [don’t pause for too long, it’s a short but obvious pause!]

مطبخ = “Mat^bakh” = A kitchen – I mean if a word’s not hard to pronounce, then it’s not worth saying XD

غرفة نوم = “Ghurfat nawm” = A bedroom – “Nawm” means “sleeping” – Often, when we say “my bedroom”, we just say “my room” instead

حديقة خلفية = “H^adeeq^a khalfiya” = A back garden

غرفة طعام = “Ghurfat t^a3aam” = A dining room – You should already know that “T^a3aam” means “food” ;p

علية = “3iliya” = An attic

قبو = “Q^aboo” = A cellar

So now we can make a sentence! Here’s an example:

في بيتي، هناك ثلاثة غرف نوم، غرفة جلوس، حمام و قبو. للأسف، ليس هناك حديقة خلفية

“Fee baytee, hunaaka thalaatha ghuraf nawm, ghurfat juloos, h^am’maam wa q^aboo. Lil’asaf, leysa hunaaka h^adeeq^a khalfiya”

In my house, there are three bedrooms, a sitting room, a bathroom and a cellar. Unfortunately, there is no back garden.

So we should remember how to change something so it belongs to us. Just add “ee” to the end so “baytee” is “my house”. “Lil’asaf” means “Unfortunately”, but if we decompose it, we can say it literally means “for sorrow” or “with sorrow”. Other than that, we should’ve gone through all of these words. The one thing that is really concerning me, is the fact this person doesn’t have a kitchen! Like what?! But hey! My belly is my kitchen! I place everything in there! Lol XD

Anyways… Thanks for Reading! Any Qs, Proof-Reading, Suggestions, Improvements that I can make, please comment below and I’ll be glad to be of help! Have a Nice Night! ;D

PS: I feel like I’ve done this topic with you guys before… Have I?! Oh who cares if I have! It is a revision lesson if I have lol ;p

June 8, 2019


I thought you were busy today. XD Here in Norway the clock is 23:00 XD

Ps: Sorry for changing my profile picture almost every day XD

June 8, 2019

it's 22:03 here in Algeria, so ليلة سعيدة :)

;p I was busy, but I tend to do all the revision in the morning, cus then it actually goes in. Me and Savage Sousou have the same time zone lol ;3

You're always talking about delaying your revision! I'll save you ^^

Naa it's ok! If I revise at night nothing goes in! I'll do the posts later if you guys don't mind lol

WOW you have a super-powerful memory!

What i like about Arabic is that my mother tongue (Farsi) have some similar words with Arabic :D

it's also close to Hebrew!

Oh is it? That’s awesome :D

Hebrew and Arabic are like dialects, Arabic speakers can speak Hebrew if they listened to it
:said by self experience and i already knew a lot of hebrew by listening

yup, even letters are close (not in writing!)

Lol I didn't know that! Should try someday ;p

مرحبا كيف حالك اليوم؟ :) Balcony(if u got one)--->شرفة

أنا بخير، شكرا! و أنت؟ I'm not lucky enough to have one! I mean if you live in England there's no point in having one XD

anyway, you said that England has a bad weather all over the year, no?

The weather here is not that bad. Rains a few times a week but generally nice and sunny like now. :)

-_- Nice and sunny? Right now it's ok; as in no rain, but I can see no sun. Anyways, "summer" is going to go in the blink of an eye, and it's start raining before you know it XD

"Summer" is going to be too hot for me to bear. You probably live up North cause here in the South, the sun's here to stay(for like a few hours :p)

Nope, I live south! Just 1h after writing this comment it started raining so hard!! Not just rain, hail! Told you! ;p I shouldn't be laughing, my clothes got wet!

The rain clouds are coming. I can see them. :) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

What are you even doing outside?

Well it started raining on the clothes I hanged outside so I had to run out and save them, no?

... They still got wet anyways! -_-

Exactly. Just open the door to the balcony and you would've had today's shower ;p

LOL it's anyway better than this hot!

Hmm us here wish we had that hot! And you guys there, wish you had some rain XD

and everything is mixed up!! and I have no money to come to England and eat you! what a shame!

أنا بخير الحمد لله

Having a balcony has its perks. I can only think of one. Nice view of all the flats surrounding mine. It's picture perfect.

I mean, I live opposite a school so I'll have the perfect view of seeing little kids getting tortured XD

(If I could, I would have used the laughing emoji)

I live next to a hospital so I hear the sirens of their ambulances at night. I also live about 20 minutes away from an airport and hear/ see aeroplanes all the time. I also live next to a cemetery and also opposite the back entrance of my old primary school so yeah.

XDDD Lol that's so unlucky! I used to live on a main road and it was the worst! No sleep! Thank god the school opposite me is not my primary school! ;p

Thanks a lot for today's post!

Wow, I never knew bathroom and pigeon were so similar. (I definitely need to work on that or things could get a bit awkward.)

I don’t think you have done a lesson on this topic yet.

Lol I could just imagine XD There are a lot of words that are similar! In a lot of dialects, including mine, "abla" means "teacher", and "ablah" in MSA means "fool". It's especially hard for an English speaker, as in English we tend to not pronounce the "h" ;p

Yeah, I looked through the list and realised I hadn't done it already [phew]

Sassy, Do you speak an Arabic dialect along with MSA, English, and Amazigh?

Yes I do actually ;p

genius mushroom!

:3 That means if you eat me, the expected reaction won't happen cus clever plus stupid is stupid XDDDD

AHA, you mean +*-=-?

Yes indeed! That's the principle behind it

XD why am I trying to use long words?

yes in fact, many words are so similar in Arabic, I've been shocked to know them!

I think i need to charge my batteries (Sleep).

See you amigos/Amigas tomorrow ;D

تصبح على خير (Goodnight!)

English - Goodnight

Spanish - Buenas noches

Italian - buona notte

Today was my Arabic exam
And for a native, this exam is difficult , literature and poetry and these stuff , you know how horrible it is

Yep lol! My sister's picking it for A-levels and her face when she saw examples online! XD

Nice!I'm sitting in "غرفة نومي" watching a German movie ;)

Wow you must be really good at German! ;D I watched some anime in Spanish but I only managed to catch a few words! [better than nothing I guess] ... I don't have my own bedroom, I have to share with my snoring squeaking sister! XD But anyways... She says I talk in my sleep lOL

not at all, I won't get anything without subtitles, I'm still a beginner.... LOL me too, but I don't talk in my sleep! I just laugh ^^

German's hard, that's why I didn't pick it ;p I'm lazy!

Laugh?! XD I don't laugh, but I keep talking in different languages lol ;ppp

HMM that's strange! i'm sure that I replied on this before... anyway, I was about to ask you, in which language do people in your dreams talk?

I don't know, I usually forget my dreams before I wake up XD But my sister says that I keep talking to them in another language XD

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