Anyone know about misc. Ukrainian forums I could frequent?

Hey. I'd like to get better at Ukrainian outside of just DuoLingo, and I think what would work for me is if I had a message board / forum site to frequently check that probably was intended for native speakers of the language. Of course, I wouldn't post too much at first since I'm not about to litter some innocent forum with posts containing poor grammar, but I suspect that even just lurking on such a site would help me understand the language quite a bit more.

The problem is I have trouble finding active message boards in foreign languages. I searched for a while, but it's difficult to find such sites when I myself am not super well-versed in Ukrainian culture and such. I was wondering if anyone here on THIS board knew of any active forums on the internet like that I could join. For the record, I don't really care what topics my options are about (like if it's a gaming forum, or a forum for movies, shows, sports, etc) because I'm into just about anything.

Thanks in advance.

June 9, 2019


I like your decision but I doubt such forums exist in Ukraine. I live here and didn't find them. :) Maybe Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram... Target words like "Україна", "українська" or youf favorite topics in Ukrainian (політика, музика, мистецтво...).

Good luck!

June 9, 2019

I'm not sure if it's what you're after, but I found that when I follow Ukrainian accounts on Twitter, I get my fill of the language. I can read what's there and respond to a Tweet if I so choose. Plus, following something that interests you might help you learn. In my case, I follow the Ukrainian national football team, a few singers, and some news groups. So whatever comes up on my feed from them are going to be things I'm interested in reading about.

June 9, 2019

Actually, this DOES sound like the sort of thing for which I'm looking. I'll give this a shot, thanks!

June 11, 2019
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