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"jIHvaD petaQ Dapongqa'chugh qaHoH."

Translation:If you call me petaQ again, I will kill you.

June 9, 2019



I'm re-listened to this one to make sure I didn't get overexcited and say it quickly and angrily, but it's not at an unreasonable speed. I have been reading the beginning sentences with exaggerated slowness, and then trying to get a little more normal with the more advanced ones.

Maybe if a few people weigh in with "audio is too fast" and "audio is too slow" I'll learn what is the most useful pace for our learners. You do need to learn to interpret the syllables as they come at you.


FWIW I'm listening to the male voice version (edit: I think, my ears are so bad the audio can sound really murky sometimes), and to start with I was having real difficulty trying to parse what I was hearing. I was parsing the words OK at the start of the sentence then I lost understanding at the end of petaQ. Now I've worked out the Q is pronounced correctly the rest makes sense. I think what threw me off was perceiving the second part of the Q as the next letter.


There's only a female recording on this one right now. I guess Qov's voice is deep enough that it's not clear she's female.


when will the pronounce slowly option be added :-)


As of this time the is no plan to add it. Hopefully that will change in the future. But it is not currently planned.


The current audio is volunteers reading the sentences, not text-to-speech software. They would need to make separate recordings.


In the audio, the Q in petaQ sounds more like a quack or a ribbit than a Q.


Thank you. There was an audio artifact in the recording. Fixed.

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