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  5. "tI'chuq qoqmey."

"tI'chuq qoqmey."

Translation:The robots repair each other.

June 9, 2019



sounds like "tI'chug hoqmey"


I hear the sentence as basically correct, except that she's rounding the o waaaaaay too much. The real problem is the low quality of the recording, making distinguishing between consonants very difficult. This should be re-recorded with better equipment.

Klingon q doesn't sound like either English g or English h. It's like a k, except you make it much farther back in the mouth. This difference can confuse English speakers into identifying it as some other, familiar English sound, especially when the recording is indistinct.


Americans tend to make an o more a-like, so hear my o-sound as a u, and think I'm saying quq when I'm saying qoq. So I do over-round it sometimes. Maybe I went overboard, but qoq should never sound like cock, it should rhyme with oak, except with q and not k, or course.


How do you do that? I've tried several times but without any success. By the way, do you happen to know why Duolingo doesn't put the audio in these pages anymore?


I'm not sure what you are referring to. How does one do what?


I meant, get a direct link to the audio file. :)


Ah. Even as the a contributor, the link is not placed in an obvious location. We do have a way to listen to the audio of any sentence, but we have to use tricks to see the actual file link. I'm pretty sure there is no way for a user who is not a contributor to find the link.


Mods have access to the URLs of sound files; we non-mods do not. Not every Klingon word and sentence has audio yet; people are still recording new words and sentences. They've focused more on the early lessons.


But lately I've been seeing more and more cases in which the sentence has audio, which is used normally in the exercise, but it is not provided in the discussion page of the corresponding sentence.


We have alerted the staff that we are not getting the audio on these sentence discussions. We have not received an explanation why. I'm still hoping they'll figure it out and get us the audio on these discussions.

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