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How long does it approximately take to reach level 25?

July 19, 2012



@Saidaspen: it would have been useful to include that info in your question; it's not possible otherwise to answer without making assumption...

If you reach level 25, you'll probably have finished all the skills and completed weeks worth of translations. Take a look at other people's profiles if you want to get a better impression.


I've been here for seven months. I completed all the levels about 2 months ago which left me at around level 16 or 17 if I remember correctly.Since then, I've been working on translations only but admittedly my pace has slowed considerably and right now I'm at level 20.


definitely longer than when playing Diablo ;)


I think 6 - 8 months is about as quick as as it can be managed if you keep at it. I 'm 6 months in and am on 24. I know some guys claim they can do it in one month, and that "may" be true, but i have a life.
Also, The last couple of levels. - 23 to 25, are much longer than the earlier levels.


Astoundingly, I came across someone in the discussions who had 9 level 25s and even a reverse language tree! They did have a streak over 1300 days, though.


All we need is a Duolingo meets Typing of the Dead variant....


As far as I know, level 25 is 30,000 skill points. Now divide this by the amount of points you can realistically gain every day, and you'll get your time in days.


50 - 100 per day is clipping along pretty nicely, which would place it at around 300 days. Though I suppose you could do extra translation and practice work for some easy point boosts.


I have to admit, it really does take a while. i played for about 1 year on my old account and only reached level 22. However, I have increased my obsession of Duolingo and with 40 days, I have reached level 25! But xp doesn't matter. The point is, Duolingo will open the door for you and you will have to step in yourself. Continue to practice!


I would bet that one could reach Level 25 within a month.

I'm not sure what these older comments are referring to when they talk about doing translations. I believe they are referring to a feature that is no longer available. (I know that Duolingo cancelled a feature where people could translate articles for practice.)

Anyway, there is a feature that has been getting me many XP, and quickly. It is the Practice ("Strengthen") feature within each skill set. If one does it against the clock, one could potentially earn 20 XP per session, and do so in about 2 minutes.

That means one could earn 200 XP every twenty minutes.

30,000xp ÷ 200xp = 150.

150 x 20minutes = 3000minutes.

3000minutes = 50hours.

Of course, you will make mistakes, and will not always be rewarded the full 20XP. Also, I doubt that Duolingo will continue to give you points if you just do the "Practice"/"Strengthen" activity again and again for the same skill set. So, you'll need to spend some time learning and unlocking more skills in the tree. Let's just say that this learning+unlocking process takes up another 22hours, putting us at a theoretical total of 72hours of work to reach Level 25.

You could try to put in 12 hours of work per day, and do it all in six days. But I doubt this will work for anyone. Learning is like eating; one needs time for digestion.

You may be able to do 6 hours of quality work per day; this means it would take you 12 days to reach Level 25.

Let's say you put in 3 hours of quality, focused, relaxed work/practice per day. If you are able to do this, then by our estimations, you would reach Level 25 in 24 days.

Perhaps we made the process sound too easy. I really doubt that, though. Point is, if you put in about 3 hours of focused work per day, I bet you could get to Level 25 in one month, no problem.

BUT...sorry to drag this on...you would need to take breaks while working. And practice conversing and listening to music/movies in the language you are learning. Sooo, geez, I don't want to get any one's hopes up and have them be disappointed in 30 days.

We each learn at different speeds. If one immerses oneself, one should be able to reach Level 25 in no more than 2-3 months.


'LeARnInG iS LikE eAtINg; One neEdS TiMe FoR DIgeSTIon' ;)


Perhaps it will be helpful discussing it achievement wise. When I begin the "household" section, I will be Level 12. I believe that if you complete the entire achievement map (you cannot do that just yet because I am not complaining), you will still be under level 20 so you need to do a lot of translation too.


It gets harder and harder to reach a new level i.e. you need to get more and more points to reach the next level. For example, to go from level 19 to level 20 I had to get 2000 points, but to move to level 21 I need to get 2500. Having said that, and probably as others here mentioned, it all depends on how much time you are willing to spend and how well you know whichever language you are supposedly learning already. I say supposedly, because I used duolingo for the fun of translating to English, which is often a greater test of my English than of my Spanish, considering that I master both equally good/bad. Having said that, I reached level 20 in a little bit more than one month. I guess reaching level 25 will be a matter of translating as many sentences as necessary.


If it is true that it takes 30,000xp to reach level 25, then if you get 30xp every single day, then it would take 2 years 270 days. If you get 60xp per day, then it would take 1 year, 135 days. The really studious types could achieve this goal in 250 days, if they get 120 xp per day. This is assuming focus on only one language.


I suspect you're using the app, because your rates sound far too low (focussing only on one language = 120xp per day). 120xp is only 6 timed practices on the website version (not factoring in mistakes). On a PC with reasonable typing skills a practice takes 1 - 2 minutes, which means you can get 120xp in 10 - 15 mins of effort. That's nothing


I'm definitely not understanding how you all can achieve level 25 in several months. If the quizes increase at each level of each circle;(first time around level 1 circles there are approximately 8 sections of approximately 20 sentences, this computes to about 160 translations. Level 2 increases from 8 to about 12, level 3 has on average 16, level 4 has 24, level 5 has 48. This computes to roughly 108 sections of 20 sentences each which equals 2000 translations just to attain level 5 on 1 circle only! Now you have to multiply that times 66 circles which is over 100,000 sentences translated. One would have to translate over 1,000 sentences each day for over 100 days. Someone please explain how you are accomplishing this in a matter of a few months.


I reached Level 25 (or 30,000 xp) in 127 days. And yes, I had other things to do apart from immersing myself in duolingo, like day-time job and attending to kids.


Did you achieve that by using shortcuts?

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