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What do you find the hardest skills in High Valyrian?

Hi there! Just wondering what skills people here are finding the hardest to understand/learn? Feel free to vote in the poll and let me know what difficulties you're having. https://www.strawpoll.me/18135531

For me, I'm finding the Family and Pronouns skills particularly challenging. I really enjoyed how at the beginning of the courses, High Valyrian verbs and nouns are introduced at the same time. I find I learn better that way. They introduce a lot of new vocabulary and I struggle with taking it all in!I'm currently up to pronouns. Anyway, just me, what about you all? Vote in the poll and let me know your thoughts and where you're up to in the High Valyrian course. Unfortunately I wasn't able to include all the skills, as I can only have up to 30 options in the poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/18135531

Really enjoying the course though! Hope one they I can finish it on my other account https://www.duolingo.com/Ccf-Uk_2018. I made this account that I'm on so I could access some of the new course trees like Japanese. Really enjoying the High Valyrian course though! I hope one day I'll finish adding all the words taught to the Duolingo wikia: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/High_Valyrian_Skill:Basics_1 Feel free to contribute to it if you like - we're always looking for new people to help out! :D

June 9, 2019



You didn't actually have the options I'd have needed in that poll, since for me, the most difficult are the sentence structures from the Infinitives skill, and the new Valence skill. The Comitative, Locative and Instumentative are a bit difficult too because I haven't yet internalized the declinations.


I will grant you, the cases are probably one of the hardest parts


The hardest thing for me is knowing in which order to write the words


But it isn't really that difficult. Mostly, High Valyrian is an SOV language - subject, object, verb. But thanks to the case system, the other elements seem to be pretty variable for the most part.

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