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"Saya mengiris tahu, kamu menggoreng tempe."

Translation:I am slicing tofu, you are frying tempeh.

June 9, 2019



"I am slicing tofu you fry tempe" is not accepted. (1.4.21)


why is grilling tempe not excepted


why is grilling tempe not excepted

Grilling is something different.

Some verbs related to the kitchen :
masak ==> memasak = to cook (cooking in general).
goreng ==> menggoreng = to fry (oil is used).
rebus ==> merebus = to boil (water is used).
kukus ==> mengukus = to steam (steam of hot water is used).
panggang ==> memanggang = to grill/roast/broil (above coal fire, no oil, no water).
bakar ==> membakar = to burn ; to grill/roast/broil (same as panggang).
potong ==> memotong = to cut, to chop.
iris ==> mengiris = to slice thinly.

memasak makanan = cooking food
menggoreng tempe = frying tempe
merebus telur = boiling an egg
mengukus nasi = steaming rice
memanggang/membakar sate = grilling/roasting sate.
memotong daging = cutting the meat
mengiris bawang = slicing the onion

Selamat makan !


Hahaha. It is EXCEPTED, but I think the English word you are looking for is ACCEPTED.

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