suggestions: downgrade word strength /mark words / timer / last time practiced

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I like the new skill tree, it is a great improvement. For it to improve even more I have several suggestions:

  1. SUGGESTION (downgrade word strength): Add a user option to downgrade strength for a specific word. For those words we are still not so comfortable with even though we have a full strength bar). Maybe even an option to downgrade a strength for a specific skill.

  2. SUGGESTION (mark words): Or if suggestion 1 is difficult to implement add some way to mark those words or lessons or skills

  3. QUESTION/SUGGESTION (timer): Is there an internal timer for lessons (so you can see how long it took someone to finish a lesson)? If there was, you could see which lessons are more difficult (I know you see that with a number of tries and lost hearts, but maybe it could be helpful) and also you could measure average time it takes a person to finish a lesson. If it took more time then usually that way you would see that person needs more practice and he would get less word strength points or it would go down a bit faster. (sometimes when I find a lesson easy I tend to be less careful and I finish with even less hearts when the lesson is hard.)

  4. SUGGESTION (last time practiced) : Add a time last practiced in info when hovering over a skill (this one is maybe the easiest to implement out of these four)

Thanks for your hard work :)

5 years ago


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