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  5. "The father works every day."

"The father works every day."

Translation:Hana ka makua kāne i nā lā a pau.

June 9, 2019



I made it to level 4 on Habits, but somehow the system bounced me back to level 1. I will redo from level 1, but am disturbed that this happened and that I concern received no reply. In difficult times this may be understandable.


Were you doing it on a phone, where there could have been some synch issue?

Did you file a bug report? It's true that an individual reply to those is unlikely.

You could post in the troubleshooting forum: https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/647

If there's anybody that knows what to do about the issue, that's the place to find them. I suspect that just repeating the lessons will probably be the quickest way to return to level 4.

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