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"He hoʻokahi kaukani hale ma Honolulu."

Translation:There are one thousand houses in Honolulu.

June 9, 2019



don't we need aia or laila or something else for 'there'?


It seems that in this type of sentence with numbers (AIA) gets dropped.

Ka Leo ʻŌIWI | Episode 9

Click on link below to watch the video from time segment 10:19 to 12:07)

or from beginning at time segment 4:43

E Pōmaikaʻi,

Ehia ʻāpala ma ʻaneʻi? = How many apples are here?

ʻElua ʻāpala ma ʻaneʻi. = There are two apples here.

Ehia maiʻa ma ʻaneʻi? = How many bananas are here?

ʻEhiku maiʻa ma ʻaneʻi. = There are seven bananas here.

ʻEhia ʻalani ma ʻō? = How many oranges are over there?

Hoʻokahi ʻalani ma ʻō. = There is one orange over there.

ʻEhia ʻalani ma ʻaneʻi? = How many oranges are here?

ʻAʻohe ʻalani ma ʻaneʻi. = There are no oranges here.

E ʻiwa, …………..

Hiki nō! = All right

E Pōmaikaʻi, ʻehia āpala ma ʻaneʻi? = Pōmaikaiʻi, how many apples are here?

ʻEkolu āpala ma ʻō. = There are three apples over there.

ʻEhia hua waina ma ʻō. = How many grapes are over there?

ʻUmikūmālua = Twelve

Maikaʻi loa! = Very good!

(End of video lesson 12:07)

(Grammar Link): https://youtu.be/A6QGxCE76To


Me parecen pocas.

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