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How do you remove a word you don't want to practice?

Hi all,

I don't want to practice the word diario, because my understanding is that it isn't used in Latin America. How do I remove it from the words that get cycled through my practice?

April 14, 2013



There are couple of ways:

  1. way is: go directly to Vocabulary tab and find the word by scrolling or press ctrl+f and then type the word. click on the word and you will see Remove from practice button!

  2. go to a skill where you learned that word. there in right bottom corner you will see a link → View full vocabulary from "name of the skill" . then find a word you want to remove from practice, click on the link and you will see Remove from practice button!


I've heard diario used in Latin America. Perhaps not in all of it. But even if it's not, why not learn it anyway?

If one was learning English and intended to use it in the USA, would it be such a bad idea for him to learn the word "trousers" and that it's equivalent to US "pants"?


I just learned yesterday "diario" can mean "diary" from context clues while reading the description of a Spanish subtitled movie. http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/diario It has more uses than just "newspaper". "Diario" is ranked 1706 and "periódico" is ranked 1636 in the to 50,000 most frequently used words in Spanish subtitles. That makes me think both are very commonly used by all Spanish speakers. We are learning 1735 Spanish words in the skill tree it seems both "diario" and "periódico" seem appropriate for us to be learning at this stage.


It literally means "daily."

Most newspapers are printed daily. Most diaries are written in daily. :þ ¿Ve?

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