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  5. "We read a bit."

"We read a bit."

Translation:Leggiamo un pochino.

April 14, 2013



I wrote " leggiamo un po' " and got it wrong. It told me the answer was " Leggiamo un po​​'. "​ ​What is that little accent thingie after the o that's not an apostrophe? I don't have it on my keyboard, and it's not an available option from the buttons below the text box.


Exactly yhe same for me.


It must have been a mistake by the Duo team that has been fixed after your comment. They have probably put another kind of apostrophe there by accident, I guess.


Those Are Literally The Same Symbol, I Checked, I'd Say It Must've Been A Glitch, Or You Spelled Something Else Wrong.


Could someone clarify the difference between "poco" and "pochino"

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"Pochino" is one of those diminutives abhorred by grammarians; it means "very little", or anything smaller than "un poco". The grammarians' argument is that "poco" is already an undefined small quantity, and anything smaller than it is still "un poco". But historically the speaking populace has always won the battle against grammar.


LOL so what do grammarians think of un pochetto and un pochettino ? Often heard when asked for a glass or a portion of sthg : Sì, però un pochettino poco poco !


My Oxford Paravia Italian dictionary gives the definition of 'Pochino' as'a little bit' which would suggest 'leggiamo pochino' is correct. Is the dictionary wrong?


Shouldn't "leggiamo pochino" be marked correct? That is, "We read very little"


"We Read Very Little" Suggests That We Just Don't Read Often, While "We Read A Bit" Suggests More That We Read A Small Part Of Some Book, Maybe Just A Couple Pages.


I wrote ¨leggiamo un pó¨ which is correct except it keeps telling me Don't forget the apostrophe. the apostrophe is there, so why does it not recognize it??

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That on pó is called an accent, written with the apostrophe it's po'. Grammatically they are very different things, as an accent expresses a stress and a pronunciation, while an apostrophe indicates part of the word was truncated (in this case the "co" in "poco"); same as with un' (una), l' (lo or la) and so on.


I had the exact same problem, I tried using both of the O's with the accent mark down below and kept getting it wrong. So it ACTUALLY is just a normal O with an apostrophe behind it?


un shouldn't have an apostrophe next to it though right?

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Un as the masculine article doesn't, but as the feminine article does :)

It's "un libro", "un altro", but "un'arancia".


Why the apostrophe? What does it change?


The apostrophe is there to show that letters have been skipped. So I english the apostrophe in don't shows the missing o, while in this case it shows that the word was shortwned from poco so there are missing letters.


i wrote "leggiamo un po " . It showed as correct with minor error (po') , but at the end of the lesson it showed my answer wrong. this makes me mad.


I translated the above as "Leggevamo un pochino" and DL gave the above in the present tense as if READ expresses the present tense only. Where is the indication in the above clause that we are in the present tense?


While I Do Believe That Should Be Accepted, If It's Correct, I Will Say That We Haven't Been Taught Past Tense At This Point, So That's Likely Why.


I gave "Leggiamo un po." which is the same (except for the incorrect non-capitalisation of the first letter of the sentence) and this was marked wrong. And then, in the "report a problem" screen, "My answer should be recorded as correct" no longer appears!


Maybe it was counted wrong because you left out the apostrophe after po.


It just happened to me too


I put - leggiamo un po and it was marked correct, but noted I had a typo because I didn't put the ' after po....

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