Sync for Plus to work off-line does not work properly

When I signed up to the "Plus" service I did it because I thought it is nice way to support the free education initiative and luckily I could afford it. I was not interested in the off-line capabilities.

Now however, that I am a subscriber, I am quite disappointed that it does not work properly. At least not for me.

I have reported in several weeks ago. We had some e-mail exchanges with support about this, but the problem is still there.

I have enabled syncing both on wifi and cellular, but this was the same when I only had wifi enabled.

I do some lessons while on-line and if at this point I go off-line I don't have the most recent lessons. Instead I get a white error message at the top of my phone. If after this I go online, the missing lessons are synced.

Does this or similar problems happen to other Plus subscribers as well or is it only my phone or my account?

June 10, 2019


I have the same issue. I can't do lessons off-line as a Plus subscriber. Before I subscribed to Plus, there were always a few lessons I could access off-line. Now there are none! I tried the "download for off-line use" function in two different languages, and it did not work for either.

June 12, 2019

the same problem has happens to other subscribers.

June 12, 2019
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