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Questions still sink to the bottom!

Still, the default sorting of insights and questions is chronological, and the most useful questions ever asked still sink to the bottom... I suggest that DuoLingo make the default sorting by chronological order, but also have an option to sort by rating descending and ascending (seeing the most horrifically bad questions first :-)

July 19, 2012

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This is getting incestuous - insights about insights that quickly disappear. And if they didn't sink to the bottom, we would all be aware of Insights similar to this one (which have already sunk to the bottom). We seem to be doomed to some sort of Groundhog Day (film reference) universe, or perhaps being a translation site, I should just stick with a regular feeling of "deja vu" - and I've only been here a month! Sorry @mikeydee, I'm not disparaging your great Insight, but we both know where this one is headed, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it - not even a "bump". Maybe Duolingo is some giant Turing Machine test and none of you are even real. Help, what's French for "paranoid"? Oh no, it's "paranoid" with an "e" ... infinite loop, abort, abort, abort ... .

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