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  5. "I have my own cats."

"I have my own cats."

Translation:Tengo mis propios gatos.

April 14, 2013



i don't really understand why it is not 'mis proprias gatas'


Because you spelled "propias" wrong.


"Yo tengo mis propias gatas" is probably a valid translation. Did you spell "propias" right? If so file a report if you get it again.

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It is 3 months later (after your comment) now and although I spelled everything correctly, I was still told my translation "Yo tengo mis propias gatas" is incorrect! I think I'll file a report, though I don't know how much (if any) attention is paid to reports (or feedback)!


I've gotten a couple of notices that something was changed because I reported it. They do listen, but I bet they have a lot of reports to handle!


They added a translation that I suggested once. Sent me an e-mail to let me know. It can happen!


I used "mis gatas propias" and it was accepted. Either it's fixed or it just rejects the exact phrase "propias gatas".


Why not "gatos propios"? When do we put the adjective before the noun?


That's because the default gender in spanish for everything is male, and "gatos" is cats/male cats and "gatas" is female cats. Saying "Yo tengo mis propios gatos" could mean that you have 1) x number of male cats exclusively or 2) x number of male and female cats. Saying "Yo tengo mis propias gatas" means that you have female cats exclusively.

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And why is that wrong?!! [I don't even have any cats, but just saying ... ]


The simple fact that someone might have all female cats means they probably have a way to communicate that fact clearly. If there is a default gender in common real world use it is kind of irrelevant in a learning situation where you must learn the ability to communicate every possibility clearly.


yeah, I have two female cats. Tengo dos gatas.


Which of the two below is more natural and why? Thanks! 1. Tengo mis gatos propios. 2. Tengo mis propios gatos.


I typed "mis gatas propias" instead of "mis propias gatas", but DL accepted it. What is the difference, please?


How do i know when to use "mi" or "mis"?


Mi (singular), mi gato.

Mis (plural) mis gatos.

Wether you use singular or plural depends on the noun.


Thanks that was my question exacally.


Tengo gatos de mios (with the accent on mine)

I get that this isn't an exact translation of the english but the idea is identical...


It would need to be 'gatos de mí' or 'gatos míos'. But even when you state it gramatically correctly, either option is an awkwardly phrased sentence that really wouldn't be used in everyday speech.


In another example someone explained that the propios is empasizing the 'mis' portion and not the gatos or gatas portion. Otherwise it would stated as mis gatos propios.


Now when I used gatos instead of gatas, it marked it wrong >.<

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