"You are sitting on top of a tree"

Translation:Mnakaa juu ya mti

June 10, 2019

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What verb class is this? Wouldnt You start with "Una"


It means you as in "you all"

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    There is no way to tell from the English sentence here whether the singular "you" or the plural "you" is wanted in Swahili. So unakaa (or umekaa) ... is as good a translation as mnakaa (or mmekaa). Confusion arises because Duo likes to invert question and answer as a way of coming up with a new question. Duo should have learned by now that this can lead to problems, and maybe take a proactive approach to fixing them.


    'Unakaa' is one of the accepted answers

    [deactivated user]

      Oh.. OK.. thanks! Must be I got an error because I used "Umekaa" rather than "Unakaa".

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