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"They work on an assignment from chapter three in this chemistry textbook."

Translation:Mereka mengerjakan tugas dari bab tiga di buku kimia ini.

June 10, 2019



Why kerjakan is not correct here?


In the strictly formal style ('baku') you're not allowed to drop the 'me-'.
In everyday colloquial speech, it's perfectly fine to drop it.

"Mereka mengerjakan tugas ..." (formal)
"Mereka kerjakan tugas ..." (colloquial, informal)
"Mereka kerjain tugas ..." (colloquial , using an unofficial suffix)

The 'me-' is dropped in imperative sentences, like this:
"Kerjakan tugas ini !!!"


Can someone explain why "dalam" (buku kimia ini) is wrong? What about "di dalam" (buku kimia ini)?

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