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  5. "What date is the holiday?"

"What date is the holiday?"

Translation:ʻO ka lā ʻehia ka lānui?

June 10, 2019



I am confused. When do I use, 'O ka la 'ehia, versus, 'O ka po'ehia. ??


This is what I would say - day of the week (Mon-Sun) use Pō'ahia, but for a date, 1-31 of the month, use lā 'ehia


Sorry, but have not been able to figure out when to use "aia ka" OR "o ka". Getting every exercise incorrect because it just isn't clear. I see the correct way when I get it wrong but have no idea WHY it is the correct way. Is there any way you guys can focus on specific of "aia ka" vs "o ka"? Really tired of trying to guess instead of actually having some kind of rule to follow.


'O ka > tells what something is. Aia ka > tells where something is in time or space. I think either can work in this case.


Absolutely agree. The "holiday" IS the day. The "game" is ON the day.

'O ka lānui ka Po'aono.
"The holiday IS Saturday."
Saturday and the holiday are one in the same.

Aia ka pā'ani ma ka Po'aono.
"The game is (on) Saturday."
The game merely falls within Saturday.


mahalo for the explanation


Why doesn't "Aia ma ka la 'ehia ka lanui" work? It works in the sentence, "What day is the football game? "


It worked for me, with correct okinas included, so maybe they updated it.


Possible - that would mean what date is the holiday on ?


It was accepted for me

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