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"Two small cups of soda for me, please."

Translation:I ʻelua kīʻaha koloaka liʻiliʻi naʻu ke ʻoluʻolu.

June 11, 2019



What is the grammar rule/reason for the sentence starting with "I"?


Just commenting for future explanations


Okay, I'm going to to start off by saying that I am no expert in Hawaiian grammar. What I'm going to say is based solely on my observations, and what I've read in the comments section of many problems in this skill. So here we go. I'm going to go through the whole sentence in case anyone is confused by any parts. "I": This seems to be used to indicate that "for me" (na'u) is used. It might be a grammar thing used to show that this is for someone. It is also used to say "a" instead of "the" 'Elua kī'aha koloaka li'ili'i: This is the other point of confusion I saw by one person. What this is saying is: Two small cups of soda. Na'u: This seems to be used in partnership with "i" at the beginnings of sentences. Ke 'olu'olu: Please Hope this is somewhat helpful. If someone knows anything better than me or if I'm wrong, please let me know! If you need something explained in a different way, also let me know.


I would really appreciate knowing why this sentence starts with "I"


the cups are small NOT the sodas

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