"The women and the men praise the Unsullied."

Translation:Ābri valī Dovaogēdī rijis.

June 11, 2019

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For anyone confused with all the different forms of "Dovaogēdy", I think this is correct:

Singular Nominative:

  • Dovaogēdy = Unsullied (singular, nominative)
  • "Bisy Dovaogēdy issa = This one is Unsullied (singular.)"

Plural, Nominative:

  • Dovaogēdi = Unsullied (plural, nominative)
  • "Taobi dovaogēdī rȳbis = The boys hear the Unsullied (plural)"

Singular, Accusative:

  • Dovaogēdi = Unsullied (singular, accusative)
  • "Dovaogēdi rȳban = I hear the Unsullied (singular.)"

Plural, Accusative

  • Dovaogēdī = Unsullied (plural, accusative)
  • "Ābri valī Dovaogēdī rijis = The women and the men praise the Unsullied (plural)"

I hope that helps!

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