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Can someone recommend me good sites for learning kanji and Japanese in general? It doesn't matter if they are free or paid ones. Thanks.

June 11, 2019


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konnichiwa! I've heard that Wanikani is really good, but I use Kanji Garden for kanji and that's good too. JapanesePod101 is a good Youtube channel with tutorial kinda videos on stuff like ettiquete and customs as well as just general conversation. It presents you with a scenario and the character will speak in Japanese, then they break it down a bit.

I'd also suggest taking a look at this website, I've started doing the challenge and so far it seems to be working...

I also found this website on grammar which I haven't used yet so I can't say if it's any good but here's the link anyway: Hope these help! Ganbarou!

June 12, 2019

Thank you for starting this Post! Also, here's 30 lingots Hugfanginn for your suggestions, And 25 to NeeSummer for this post

June 13, 2019

ありがとうございました for the lingots ^-^ Love your profile pic btw

June 14, 2019

問題ない!ありがとう! Is yours Shoto Todoroki?

June 15, 2019

Yes indeed it is the handsome and cultured Todoroki-kun. Love BNHA to bits and would marry todoroki or modriya in a condolences to Yaoyoruzo and Uraraka

June 16, 2019

I haven't used yet so I can't say if it's any good

It's good. Some people don't like it, but it's very good imho

This one has much more stuff, but it's a bit harder

June 12, 2019

I haven't been on any japanese sites yet, but so far this seems to be the most developed and advanced

https :// hope it helps.

June 11, 2019

I really like the YouTube channel "Learning Kanji" for kanji. In 2016 he made a few videos about 1st grade kanji, and now he has also done 2nd and 3rd grade kanji videos.

June 11, 2019

Hey chocochipkookie! Would you happen to know any cooking channels that instruct in japanese? (Thanks again for Jun's kitchen)

June 11, 2019

I really wish I did because I love to cook, but I have searched a lot and they all talk in English! :( Its kinda annoying, like please just speak in Japanese haha.

The only one I know of is Tasty Japan. In some of the videos they talk (as long as they aren't short tutorial videos) such as these:

And another thing that stinks is that a lot of the Japanese cooking channels are ASMR channels, which doesn't help since they don't talk haha.

June 12, 2019

You're right. They Don't talk, like... at all! I mean, I'm not really seeing any reason why not talk. What a bummer. LOL. I managed to find this though. I haven't checked out your links yet but I'm about to.

June 12, 2019

You are a genius! Searching up cooking channels in Japanese is a great idea, now I am off to try searching it up. Thanks for the link as well!

June 12, 2019

You're very welcome. : ) I really believe you inspired me so thanks.

It just now came to me that if this technique could work with japanese cooking, maybe it could work with other japanese videos. Or maybe even other languages! It's almost like the possibilities are endless. Do you think we should share this new found revelation? It sounds like a good idea to me. Thank you so much for the inspiration and Tasty Japan!

June 12, 2019

Yeah, they're pretty hard to find. Thanks anyway.

Maybe what I could do, is type " cooking channel" in translation to japanese, then put it on YouTube. I'll let you know if it works. :)

June 12, 2019

Hello, I highly recommend (if you are just starting) the books Genki I and II, with their workbooks. If you already know basic Japanese, then check out: is free! and it is great to practice and study Japanese. Actually I was just thinking about making a post to let everyone else know about it. I hope you find it useful. Cheers!

June 17, 2019
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