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Reset skill tree... bold indeed.


I got the German tree all gold (607 crowns)

I have just re-set it to review it all.

feels good.


June 11, 2019


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Wow! that's pretty brave! How long did it take you?

June 12, 2019


18 months

June 12, 2019


That's cool, but I am afraid you're unlikely to review it all because it seems Duo German is creating a new tree soon. If it took you 18 months to manage the first tree, I wonder how long it will take for you to redo it before Duo team deletes it and updates to a CERF course. All your current progress will be lost :(. (But good news -- that would also imply you can redo your German with new words and added skills once it's updated! I think it won't take them too long to do that).

Also, just curious -- why not the reverse tree?

June 12, 2019


I am not really bothered about visible progress being lost.

I am not sentimental like that.

I am more interested in my own progress, so i am happy to lose progress as shown on the site.....

I am doing the reverse tree too.

i will probably re-set it again when i get the new tree..

June 13, 2019


Wie hast du das denn gemacht?

June 12, 2019



June 12, 2019


Mein lieber Herr Gesangsverein! (Wow!) Thats's dedication. Does feel the same the following day?

June 12, 2019
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