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Newbie question about greetings: are they combined that much?

Hey, I started learning Indo recently. I'll be living and working there for the next two years in about a month. On Duo, almost all the questions for greetings seem like two or more independent phrases smashed together. I know languages can do interesting things, but some of the combinations seem weird to me both from an English and Chinese perspective. Like what does "Welcome, goodbye" even mean? How much of this is just Duo's beta, how much is Indonesian really like this, or how much is this just Duo trying to condense the amount of practice or other factors?

June 12, 2019



Combining "welcome" and "goodbye" sounds weird in Indonesian too.


I agree, but btw @ OP the course is no longer in beta.


Combining welcome and goodbye may be one of the strangest things ever! LOL!

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