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  5. "Kaʻiulani's house"

"Kaʻiulani's house"

Translation:ko Kaʻiulani hale

June 12, 2019



Episode 11 of Ka Leo ʻŌiwi will help you better understand

possessives in Hawaiian.

Listen and watch the Hawaiian language video from

time segment [5:40] to [11:50] to better understand possessives.

(link) https://youtu.be/fpWk5Yl8H84


Why does DLHwaiian, in a section on O & A and possessives have a 'pick one of three' question that does not test if we can recognize the difference, but which tests us on whether "keiki", "kēia" or "hale" means house?


DL automatically adjusts the difficulty of multiple choice questions based on your performance and how far you're into the course, but then again the choices are automatically generated so they are prone to being gibberish and/or obvious.


gottit. thanks. Looks like DLHawaiian thinks I am seriously remedial :-)

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