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  5. "He hears the birds."

"He hears the birds."

Translation:Hontī rȳbas.

June 12, 2019



Where is the "he" part?


The verb ending gives it away. Well, in a way, anyway. "She" and "it" should also be correct. But in High Valyrian, pronouns can and usually are left out of the sentence, just like you can do in Spanish. So "rȳbas" is "he/she/it hears", "rȳban" would be "I hear" and "rȳbis" is "they hear".


What is the difference amongst hontī and hontes and hontesse. I know hontesse is plural. Why isn't hontesse used here


Both hontes and hontesse are nominative. In this case, the case you'd need to use is accusative (since the birds are a direct object), and in that case "hontī" is used.

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