"I don't want extra soy sauce."

Translation:ʻAʻole au makemake i ke koiū keu.

June 12, 2019



"I didn't order" is "ʻAʻole au i ʻoka". "I don't want" is ʻAʻole au makemake". When is "i" required?

June 12, 2019


Aloha mai~! This is actually a question about "tenses." Maybe you didnʻt notice that your first example is in negative PAST tense, and that the second example is in negative Present...but thatʻs really all that is going on here. Iʻll put some examples below and I think youʻll see from there:

Makemake au. --> I want.

ʻAʻole au makemake. --> I do not want.

Ua ʻoka au. --> I ordered.

ʻAʻole au i ʻoka. --> I did not order.

If you wanted to express "I did not want" instead of "I do not want," you would then say:

ʻAʻole au i makemake.

I hope this helps a bit!!! >.<"

June 13, 2019
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