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"Keoki's blanket"

Translation:ko Keoki kapa moe

June 12, 2019



Two Classes of Possessives, Kino ʻŌ and Kino ʻĀ

In Hawaiian there are two classes of possessives, (Kino ʻŌ and Kino ʻĀ).

(Kino ʻŌ) items ,in general, are things you do not have control over, in terms of creating them, like your ancestors, parents, siblings, and body parts. Things that you possess for the purpose of wearing them, or primarily to be situated in, on, under, behind, or in front of are also (kino ʻŌ), like clothes, shelter, buildings, time, land, and modes of transportation.

All the other items, those that you have the ability to create or choose are (Kino ʻĀ) . Like your spouse, your children, food, your job, and other things you create like songs you write, or art you make.

Episode 11 of Ka Leo ʻŌiwi (link) https://youtu.be/fpWk5Yl8H84


Could it be: Ke kapa moe o Keoki? It is not accepted.


Kā Keoki kapa moe.

is accepted. 09/30/20


I'm not sure I understand why? A blanket is something that you are under? Or is this because it could be something you just own that you are not using to be under??


"A" class possessive. The blanket could be something I acquired along the way. Like furniture. Clothes. Cars, etc.

Despite DL teaching us that "O" class are things that you can be in, on under etc.--well, that doesn't appear to be the case if they accept Kā.

When I try an alternate answer and it is accepted, I'll post it in the comments because it may help someone else. Or, many times someone else tried the same thing and at that time, it wasn't accepted. I see other people doing the same and I greatly appreciate them.

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