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"Is your heritage not important to you?"

Translation:SoHvaD potlhbe''a' quHlIj?

June 12, 2019



The actual option on the page that the program marks as correct reads "SoHvaD potlhbe''a' quHraj?", not "...quHlIj?", as above. , which seems to incorrectly combine the 2nd person singular pronoun "SoH" with the 2nd person plural possesive "-raj".

June 12, 2019


We wanted to include it as a possible translation since someone might interpret this as "Is you all's heritage not important to you (the individual)?" But it probably shouldn't be marked as a "best translation". I have changed the categorization to an "accepted translation" so it shouldn't show up in the exercises any more.

June 13, 2019


Someone translated this as, "Is your heritage not important for you?" It sounded odd, and I pondered for a bit on whether for was a permissible preposition here. I googled "important for you" intending just to see who else was using it that way, and found this video.


He's right. Normally You'd say "My heritage is important to me," but your heritage could be important for you, for example if it determines whether you can vote or hold a passport where you live. And I believe both ideas would be translated the same way into Klingon.

September 27, 2019
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