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  5. "I have an old communicator."

"I have an old communicator."

Translation:QumwI' ngo' vIghaj.

June 12, 2019



I like fill in the blank problems, but I don't like that if there is a problem the Discuss button is non-functional. I keep coming across this one in Adjectives, but only took the screen grab now. As you can see, a man can be all those things, and the only reason one can know it wants {qan} is because that's the word being taught.


When we were creating these exercises, one of the contributors thought that you would also get the English translation and would be picking the correct word based on the translation. But as you have seen, you do not get the English translation and so this exercise becomes nearly impossible. I have replaced the additional options with chu' and ngo' which should generally not be used for a person.


I like the fill the blank problems. They really help me to remember the word that I'm learning, by eliminating the extra effort of composing my sentence. Also they help me whiz through a lesson. But they might be best in the more advanced units, I guess.


My favorite type is the audio-only, type out the sentence with no help from tiles kind. When I get those ones right it's very rewarding. Qapla'!


I like those, too.

Let us know when the audio isn't clear enough to help you succeed on these. I'm noticing that audio that sounds fine right after I record it will later sound weak when I hear it in the course. I think that when a Q or p or the like redlines on the vu meter, the software moves the whole phrase down. Normally when I record, I use my own software to give finer control over such things, but Duo doesn't allow me to preprocess my audio.

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