Aaj unse milna hai humein !!!!!!

Hey guy! I find this sentence so confusing ! What kind of a grammar is that? Could you please break it down for me ! I have no idea about that! Is it some kind of a simple present or a present prefect ? Is it something like “mujhe ek chai chahiye”? If yes can i say “ mujhe teree jaana chahiye “ ???? But why it is like “milna+hai”? So obviously im so lost and confused! So Really looking forward to hearing from any of you guys Regards, Romi

June 12, 2019


'I have to meet him today' more or less the translation of this sentence will be like this

June 13, 2019
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It's the 'verb infinitive+ हैं' form. It is idiomatic and usually means 'have to verb' though it can also mean 'want to verb' or 'need to verb' depending on the context. Similar to chahiye, the subject should be in the dative case (उसे, मुझे, तुम्हें, noun+को etc) when you use this form. Eg: मुझे जाना है -'I have to go'.

Your sentence in the grammatically correct form would be 'आज हमें उनसे मिलना हैं'-'We have to meet them today'. (उनसे-'with them' is the direct object of the verb). But changing the order like in 'आज उनसे मिलना हैं हमें' is common in casual speech.

June 14, 2019

Actually when someone says Hume and unse it's means she/he have to meet someone not them. And when Hume means we then the sentence will be as vinay92 said.

June 15, 2019
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It can mean either 'We have to meet them today', 'We have to meet him/her today' or 'I have to meet him/her today'. The second sentence uses respectful pluralization for the other person when you are being formal. The third sentence uses the 'royal we' to refer to oneself. This is common in certain dialects.

June 15, 2019

That is incorrect grammer it should be humein aaj unse milna he

June 30, 2019
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