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Error: "reconocer" and non-US spellings of "recognise"

In a timed practice, I translated "reconocer" as "recognise" and was marked wrong ("recognize" was the correction). I didn't report the error because I moved past too quickly because it was timed practice. However, I wanted to note that this needs to be fixed, since "recognise" is standard spelling in the UK and Australia. Thanks!

June 6, 2014



I know you missed it in Timed Practice (which is why I fall on the side of 'timed practice should be paused to report errors' side of the argument), but posting here probably won't get it fixed. Advice given in the past to iOS users has been to send a report using Send Feedback in the app or by emailing Support on the left of the screen.
My personal suggestion (and what I usually do when I want to report something encountered during a timed exercise, is go back and redo the lesson most likely to have that sentence, write it out wrong again, and report it through report a problem.
I agree it shouldn't have to be that difficult, but for now, it's the best we've got.


Thanks. So they don't pay attention to reports of problems with lessons in the Troubleshooting forum? That's a real shame...


We will take a look into this! Thanks for reporting.


Yay, thanks!

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