"taoba, riña"

Translation:a boy, a girl

June 13, 2019



This language is really interesting. It’s complicated but I think I will learn in time


I'm doing it for the dragon flag, honestly.

[deactivated user]

    Lmao! It's a made up language from a book series called, "A Song of Ice and Fire" other wise known as, "Game of Thrones". Many centuries ago the Targaryens used to live in Valyria a great city in Essos. Then the Doom (the destroying of Valyria) happened that killed many Valyrians but the Targaryens left to Westeros before it even happened. Some say that one of the Targaryen's daughter predicted in a dream. One of the main characters, Daenerys Targaryen speaks High Valyrian and the language plays a huge role in the series! (Sorry! I'm a huge geek!)


    I wanted to learn the Croatian language


    This is so rough :'v


    It only accepts a girl, a boy sometimes, depending on what level you are on this lesson there will be 1 specific answer, for me it was a girl, a boy it wouldn't accept a boy, a girl! :o


    Is this a complete sentence or an ellipsis? If the latter: What does it say?


    Šta će to da radi kad možete kupiti neki drugi da ima neke

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