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Not accepting hiragana ?

Some answers in Hiragana not accepted :( Is it necessary to use Kanji?

EDIT: My Input: はちじごろにがっこうへいきます Answer: 八時ごろに学校へ行きます

When I typed: 八時ごろにがっこうへいきます it was accepted :/


June 13, 2019


[deactivated user]


    June 13, 2019


    I asked one of the contributors, ehartz, about this a few months ago on the following thread:

    Kanji for Japanese numbers, or why your "correct" answer may be marked incorrect

    Her reply explains the reason your answer was rejected. I've actually been trying to test using hiragana for numbers almost every time I see them. It used to be the case that not a single sentence accepted it; however, since ehartz joined the contributor team, it now seems like nearly every sentence accepts hiragana for numbers.

    I'm surprised it hasn't been added for this one yet. It should get fixed eventually if it has been reported though. ^^

    June 13, 2019


    No. Did you make sure your hiragana was typed correctly? Can you give an example of what happened? If it is all correct and it happens again, make sure to report the issue.

    June 13, 2019


    I might help if you show some examples. It could be either a bug in the system or user error.

    June 13, 2019


    That should be accepted, just report it. But if you're using a good IME, all you need to do is hit space to convert all the hiragana to kanji anyway. It's the listening exercises that are super frustrating because they seem to be only able to accept a single form, and often it's impossible to know which, or they only accept forms like 金よう日 which are a PITA to type with an IME.

    June 13, 2019


    I think it is important to accept hiragana on these kinds of questions.

    On my computer, if I write きゅうじ、it will turn into 九時 in kanji and be marked correctly. Because of this I try to answer these questions in hirgana.

    September 15, 2019
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