"Ñuhor kastor lōgor biarior issa."

Translation:My green boat is fortunate.

June 13, 2019

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ñuhor - nominative singular ñurha - nominative plural ñuhyz - accusative singular(?) ??? - accusative plural

Please correct me if I'm wrong and does anyone know what the accusative plural is?? I didn't encounter it in the lesson.


You're confusing the genders here a little. You've got ñuhor/ñurha right, but they're only for aquatic nouns (and they're accusative as well, I think). "ñuhyz" is for nominative solar nouns. And it's plural, but only for some of the nouns. For the rest it's ñuhys, which is the singular nominative for solar nouns as well.


why is 'blue' the same as 'green'?


It is like that in some languages (Japanese, for example). Ancient Valyrian especially was created to resemble ancient languages, and those generally didn't have a lot of different words for colors. Ancient Greek, for example, didn't even have a word for "blue" at all. Instead, they had words for spectrums like zoobrie/timpa in High Valyrian.

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