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  5. "Le donne bevono acqua."

"Le donne bevono acqua."

Translation:The women drink water.

April 14, 2013



Having a real problem differentiating between beve, beviamo (etc) as well as leggiamo, legge (etc) any advice on how to remember?


I found the chart at http://patatafelice.com/downloads/italian-cheat-sheet-v2.png to be really helpful in memorizing the conjugations of the verbs. Mostly how ive been remembering it is

I Io -o so if its a phase about 'I' the verb will end in an O, so leggo

You tu -e if its a sentence about a singular you it will end in E, so legge

He/She Lui/Lei can end in -a, -e, or -e depending on if the conjugated verb ends in -are/-ere/-ire. For example leggere is the conjugated source of to read, so this will conjugate as legge instead of the -a it would for an -are verb. to drink is actually an irregular verb(if you look at the image, the second column, imperfetto) because because to drink is just 'bere' and while it ends in ere it needs a couple extra letters to flush out the ending, otherwise 'i drink' would just be 'bo' and thats far more confusing.

We Noi -iamo so 'we read' is 'leggiamo'

You Voi -ete Y'all becomes 'leggete'

They Lono -ono (or -ano if its an '-are' verb) is 'they read' so the word would be 'leggono'

Because the endings specify the 'who' you are talking to, the Io/Tu/etc will oftentimes get dropped.

Hope this helps!


hey, please remind me again, what are the difference between beviamo and bevono


Beviamo: (we) drink
Bevono: (they) drink


Always: we - noi - iamo (beviamo) they - loro - ono (bevono)


How can I differentiate when to put ''the woman'' and ''the women''? It's causing me real trouble!!!


Don't all Italian nouns require an article?


They aren't required, but partitives (dell'acqua) and definite articles (l'acqua) are frequently used in ways that don't match the English usage. For example, you can't use the definite article in English to indicate a general category... but in Italian, you can!


is "le donne bevono l'acqua" wrong?


why is it acqua instead of l'acqua here? Is there a rule for when to drop the l'?


So just because I typed l'acqua instead of acqua, i'm wrong? I thought you were supposed to include "the"? Plus you can't even properly make out what the robot voice is saying.


Wow I put the women drink the water. It said that just because I put "The" I got it wrong -_-

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