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  5. "Er schreibt Literatur."

"Er schreibt Literatur."

Translation:He writes literature.

June 6, 2014



I'm not a native speaker of neither english nor german, but what is implied in this sentence? Is it just to draw a distinction between writing a list or a letter, and fiction and poetry?


probably, yes. you could write articles or papers in opposition to literature, too .. like if you are talking about an "author", if she/he wrote books about popular sciences or about gardening for instance, you would say she/he is an author, but isn't writing literature..


Does Literatur sound weird to anyone else here?


I think maybe is because the author is writing a fictional book, so the sentence is marking it. "Er schreibt ein Buch" could be both, fictional or non fictional book.


I'm confused. Why is "he's writing literature" wrong?


It isn't; report it. My guess is that Duo didn't understand "'s" as "is".


Does "Literature'" make some kind of distiction from other category, like "fiction and non-fiction"?


I think that is the point in the sentence. Seens to me, that "literature" stands for fictional/fantasy books.


To me this sounds sarcastic: He writes "literature," speaking of someone whose writing is nowhere as good as he thinks it is. "Literature" isn't a genre, it's a widely accepted evaluation of someone's work as being worthwhile and of high quality.

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