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Who wants to practice in English?


I'm learning Russian and i am intermediate level. My English is much better and i am very fluent in English. I would like to speak with someone like once a week with our actual voice (skype, phone doesn't matter) for a better practice. In this way, we can correct each other and do a good practice.

If you are up to do this, we can decide on the details :D

June 13, 2019

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I have linked your message in Russian->English forum Good luck!


Do you know how can i put the topic at the top again? Do i have to delete it and open again?


Where are you from?


"stakes? passwords?" please...


Hi, i didn't understand what you mean :)


id like to be ur pen-friend :) by the way im a native russian


unfortunately i need to practice my speaking :) but i have seen many topics that people just write on the post and get a feedback as a reply, very useful for you i think :)


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