"The boys sleep on a small bed."

Translation:Die Jungen schlafen in einem kleinen Bett.

April 14, 2013

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Not to nitpick here, but shouldn't "in einem kleinen Bett" be "IN a small bed", with "auf einem keinen Bett" being the only correct answer? Obviously the meanings are generally the same, but there's an important conceptual difference between 'on' and 'in'.


May be just how it is said. Similar to "you may get ON the plane" means get in the plane.


Why is it kleinen?

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@Dave_Duolingo: It's 'kleinen' because: das Bett (neuter) + dative (on a small bed = a place) and mixed inflection (ein, kein, possessive pronouns etc.).

Please look at the following link, where it says 'Mixed Inflection' : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_declension

Other than that read all the page I've just mentioned before. Very useful. Also remember the following: use accusative when there's motion (from point A to B), and use dative when there's a place mentioned (answers to the question 'Where?').


Cheers Mr. DEMONOID!


why not kleinem? doesn't exist?

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@nemodot : I can't explain it any better than I already did. It's kleinen because of the gender, case and indefinite article that are used.

Read my explanation again and go see the tables in the link.

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    @ above me I had the same thought. It is OK in English to say: "The boys sleep on a small bed."

    same as they sleep in a bed. Both should be accepted, otherwise report it.

    To the meaning:

    I would prefer to say the boys sleep in a bed, to explain that they are snuggling in the duvet and sleeping. {night sleep}

    But if the boys have a lunch break or nap on a sofa, this time just with a blanket or no cover I would say: "to sleep on a bed".


    What's wrong with "Die Jungs schlafen in einem kleinen Bett"? (instead of "Die Jungen")

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      It's fine.


      I don't understand why it is "kleinen" ? I see that "ein+em" so it is dativ. But Bett's articel is "das" and the neuter's dativ with klein is "kleinem" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_declension). Or is there not a rule of something?

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        It's "kleinen" because the adjective is preceded by an indefinite article.



        vielen dank. I should work about inflections more.

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