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  5. "Ua ʻoka au i koloaka lōpū."

"Ua ʻoka au i koloaka lōpū."

Translation:I ordered a medium soda.

June 13, 2019



Where is the "he" for the "a"?


Good question! Suppose one wanted to say "I ordered (some) medium soda." How different?


Shouldnʻt koloaka have a ke in front of it? Direct object, common noun. Ua ʻoka au i ke koloaka lōpū. Is it like french, where you can order a soda, some soda or all of the soda?


'the medium soda' not accepted 10/23/2020


I think everyone’s thread here is answered by the DL dictionary — I put ‘the medium soda’ too. https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Hawaiian/i/fd6016eb46b47c6406919c424f53d3be

Which is to say “i” means “a”, “on” or “towards”.... in this case the indefinite article “a”.

I hope this is right!


I don’t believe that’s right. I think that is a special use of “i”, followed by “naʻu”. This is a useful read:


Unfortunately it does not explain this exact situation. I think the “i” is the normal direct object marker. I would hazard a guess that “kekahi” would be technically correct as a kaʻi but that it might be left off in conversation.

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