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"One bowl of tripe stew for me."

Translation:I hoʻokahi pola ʻōpū kū naʻu.

June 13, 2019



Why do you need both "I" and ho‘okahi to describe "one"?


Why is "ōpū" before "kū"? "Beef stew" is "kū pipi", right?


This is a good question. "ʻŌpū kū" and "pipi kū" are a couple of the uncommon exceptions to the general rule of descriptive words coming after "nouns" in Hawaiian. I can't say for sure why this is, but it may have something to do with their origin in the English "tripe stew" and "beef stew".


I used 'ekahi and not ho'okahi and was marked incorrect. Are these two interchangeable and should i have not been marked wrong? Or is there a reason why it needs to read ho'okahi?


Good question! Hoʻokahi is used for talking about an amount of people or things, when that amount is one (one bowl of tripe stew, one sulky child on the playground, one hat left). ʻEkahi on the other hand is used for the number one, when counting (ʻekahi, ʻelua, ʻekolu, etc.) or in reciting a number, such as a phone number (315-2671 -> ʻekolu, ʻekahi, ʻelima - ʻelua, ʻeono, ʻehiku, ʻekahi).


pipi kū was marked wrong, yet it is the first hint given. Should it have been correct?


Mahalo for reporting this! There was an incorrect hint that said pipi kū, when tripe stew is really ʻōpū kū. It has been corrected, and should show up correctly for you folks soon, once the Duolingo system gets refreshed.


I did the same thing and have the same question.

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