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Can someone help me?

I dont understand the demonstative pronouns in French, (ce,cette,ces,cet) Please help

June 13, 2019



ce - in front of male nouns (e.g. ce garçon, ce chat, ce pays)

cet - in front of male nouns that start with a vowel sound (e.g. cet œuf, cet homme, cet hôpital)

cette - in front of female nouns (e.g. cette pomme, cette chaise, cette fille)

ces - in front of a noun in plural (e.g. ces hommes, ces chats, ces œufs, ces pommes, ces chaises, ces filles)

There's a more detailed explanation here: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/demonstrative-adjectives/


As above. The fancy word "demonstrative" just means "this" or "these". this book= ce livre.

Cet homme= this man. Man is masculine, but has a silent 'h', so there is a liaison (sound glide) between the two. Pronounced 'cetom'. Cet ouef (this egg) has the same liaison. 'cetoof'

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