I almost lost my streak today with no fault of my own.

I did a few lessons on the web site and then notice the 'flame' was still grey. A quick check confirmed even though I did lesson and I was logged on, that I did not get any xp for the lessons I did on the website. Nor did duolingo recognize I did the lesson, so every time I try to take a lesson in a skill, I just keep getting the same lesson over and over. :(

Some good news. Next I did a lesson on the android app. My flame turned orange and I confirmed I got the xp for the lesson I did on the app. So the app still works correctly!

So what is up with this web issue? Is it something I did wrong? I am using the chrome browser (no change).

June 13, 2019


I completed a lesson without fault and then it froze and I was not awarded the points, not only that, I was put down as not completing the afternoon which meant I lost my long streak!!! This was not at all fair but there is nothing I can do about it. Very disappointing.

June 14, 2019

It looks like the issue is on my side, and not the fault of duolingo.

It was because I used my work computer which is behind a firewall.

June 14, 2019

I have had so many problems in the past few days like this, I don't get it. I know I did lesson over the weekend and the flame turned orange, but still lost my streak and the app is now so glitchy it is unusable.

June 15, 2019

I lost a 213 days streak without knowing why.

June 15, 2019

I lost a 1379 streak today, without any reason. I bought a streak repair with lingots, already a longer time ago and it was still there on weekend. I checked it before, because I knew, that I need it a day later, which was yesterday. My streak repair was used for yesterday like intendet AND my whole, long streak deleated!!! I am quite upset now.

June 18, 2019


Hi Kris,

  • 1379 days streak lost 2 days ago · repair available (works until 3, not 4!!)
  • current (restarted) streak: 1 (works up to 2; not sure about 3, eher nicht)

Quote: I bought a streak repair with lingots

No you didn't :-)

You are confusing the both technical terms very much.

  • "Streak Freeze": You can buy it ahead in the lingot store with lingots

  • "Streak Repair": You buy it within 1-3 days with real $$$ after you have lost a streak (this item is only visibible for limited time on the mobile app lingot store)

Good news:

You can recover your high lost streak

  • by buying the "streak repair" item on the mobile apps (IOS or Android) in the lingot store (you need to invest real $$$!)

  • or by subscribing to a "Duolingo Plus" subscription (trial, one month, etc.) if you use the web portal (we do not have "streak repair" items in our web lingot store!!)

If you want to make that decision:

  • do not wait until your current streak reaches the "3" number (2 is fine)

Quote: My streak repair was used for yesterday like intendet AND my whole, long streak deleated!!! I am quite upset now.

I hear from other users, that this sometimes happens, but I have no good explanation for you.

Your 10XP coach goal looks fine.
Your XP curve for our German GMT+2 only has the one little graph hole on 17.06.2019.

In theory, your EQUIPPED "streak freeze" should have saved that day.

Feel free to open a bug report:

Sorry I cannot really help as the system gives no log what dates you have bought the previous streak freeze and if it was equipped on 17.06.2019 or not.

I do not really think that Duolingo staff in their US HQ have any time or resources to track issues like that.

Because of this, their new business feature "streak repair" was introduces on the "mobile apps" to generate new income...
......und um deren Admin Team von dererlei nervigen Log Checks freizustellen, wo in 99,99% laut ihrem Hinweis eh immer (meist) nur der User schuld ist.

Dagegen halten könnte man hierbei eventuell, dass mit all ihren Updates das System immer mehr unstabil wird (Lessons lost, XP not submitted, streaks lost even "streak freeze" are applied, DuolingoPlus creating a mess with streaks too, etc.) und dass es nicht immer am Benutzer liegen muß.

I read other user stories that SOMETIMES bug reports were the reason why their streak was reinstated.

Are you 1000% sure that you have this single 10XP coach goal for a longer time and that you have not made any changes from 30-50 back to 10XP in the last days?

Viel Glück!

Best regards / Viele Grüße

June 18, 2019

I'll throw my hat in as well. I do a lesson and get credit on lesson progress but no XP is awarded and I look my streak. Been doing this for a couple days now. I'm only online. No changes to my setup/internet before the trouble.

I don't really care all that much (I know I did the thing) but it's still broken.

June 15, 2019
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