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"Aia ke kipi keu ma ke mea ʻai?"

Translation:Are the extra chips on the plate?

June 13, 2019



Shouldn't this translate to "...on the plate lunch"? This answer is accepted; I'd suggest not accepting "... on the plate".


The way this sentence is written out is, are the extra chips on the plate lunch.

Seems to me mea 'ai is not needed


The word lunch is missing from the options to choose, so in that instance, " the lunch" needs to be an acceptsble answer.

[deactivated user]

    According to Lee. I believe him to be correct.


    Does it sound like the guy reading rhe sentence pronounces the last work like "pei"? I've listened to it over and over and can't figure it out.


    Why does the lesson include "mea'ai", when the English doesn't reflect it? Shouldn't it just be "pa"?

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