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  5. "I write a report."

"I write a report."

Translation:Scrivo un rapporto.

April 14, 2013



So un rapporto can be a relationship and a report?


The dictionary hints for report do not include rapporto. It would really help to have the correct answer among the hints. (They do include riporta, which is incorrect, apparently, in this context.)


Totally agree. I've been caught out so many times! Even changed a correct answer for a hinted answer loads of times and got it wrong. I've come to think of them purely as hints not always correct, maybe that makes me think more, but I would much prefer that when I ask the system for help it actually helps me in the most direct way possible and tells me what is what. Sometimes learning needs to be directive rather than re-inventing stuff.


Apparently it's been corrected. Now it give:"rapporto" 23/8/14


I believe the correct answer is rapporto!!!Not relationship


Why is "Scrivo io un rapporto" wrong?


The person of the statement must come in front of the verb in affirmative statements


Io scrivo un varbale. How's that the correct answer. I put rapporto.


It's verbale (the first vowel is an "e"). It all depends on context. Verbale is usually something official. Rapporto is hardly ever used; I think they chose it because it's so similar to the English. The word used for a school report (probably the most likely you'll need) is "relazione." Finally, a news report is an "inchiesta giornalistica" or a "servizio di telegiornale."


I am having trouble with when to use un or una. any advice?


"Un" is used for masculine nouns, while "Una" is used for feminine nouns. You shorten una to un' when the noun starts with a vowel. For example, "anatra" means "duck" and "a duck" would be "un'anatra".


Why is this question in the food section?


That's a report of a student's grades. You cannot write them as they are simply created by different teachers reporting that student's grades for their subjects.

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