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"That official does not want to meet journalists."

Translation:Pejabat itu tidak mau bertemu dengan jurnalis.

June 14, 2019



"Bertemu" is an intransitive verb, so you're supposed to use "dengan" after it. If you don't want to use a preposition, you can use the transitive verb "menemui" and say, "Pejabat itu tidak mau menemui jurnalis."

That said, if you google the phrase "bertemu dengan jurnalis" and "bertemu jurnalis" (or "bertemu dengan wartawan" and "bertemu wartawan"), you'll find that both are used, though you'll get significantly more hits for the phrases with "dengan".


Why do you need "dengan"? There was no "with" in this sentence...


"Pejabat itu tidak mau bertemu dengan jurnalis-jurnalis." Shouldn't this be preferable to the above translation? Otherwise, won't the implication be that there is a certain journalist that the official wants to avoid?

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