"What is six minus five?"

Translation:Berapa enam kurang lima?

June 14, 2019

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Do you have to say berapa or can you also say apa enam kurang lima


Yes, we can say "berapa" (and not "apa") in this case (formal and informal). However, the complete formal sentence is "berapa (or 'berapakah') enam dikurangi lima?".


and "enam kurang lima sama dengan berapa" should be OK here?


I also put this an answer and got it wrong. The difference is that '...sama dengan berapa' is saying 'six minus five equals how much' but 'berapa enam kurang lima' is saying 'what is six minus five'. Even though the message is the same I guess they are technically different


Mal205614 AndrewReem:

"Enam kurang lima sama dengan berapa?" is correct for informal form also. Formally, we say, "Enam dikurangi lima sama dengan berapa?"

But, in English, it will be: Six minus five is what? And, it's not equivalent with the question "what is...?"


Shouldn't the English phrase be,"How much is six minus five?". If we translate bad English...

Garbage in, garbage out!!!


Far more common to hear "what is six minus five" in english than "how much is six minus five" which would be a slightly more direct translation


Minus is existing in Bahasa! And apa even possible!

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