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  5. "Your mouth smells."

"Your mouth smells."

Translation:Mulutmu bau.

June 14, 2019



Is there a diffenciation in indonesian between scent and smell?


The word "bau" by definition is neutral and can function as a noun (the quality that you sense through your nose) and as a verb (to exude a certain smell). You have to add a qualifier to say if the smell is good or bad.

However, in everyday use, just like the sentence above, this word used by itself it may imply that the mouth smells bad. If you need to avoid this negative connotation, you can use the noun "aroma" (which has a positive connotation).


is the verb bau also used to perceive a scent ? Saya bau makanan enak for instance ?


You can say "Saya membaui makanan enak" or more commonly "Saya mencium bau makanan enak".

Saya bau makanan enak = I smell like good food

Saya bau keringat = I smell sweaty

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