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  5. "A população come arroz."

"A população come arroz."

Translation:The population eats rice.

June 6, 2014



Inconsistency on DL. “The people” was accepted as a translation of “a população” in a similar sentence but rejected here.

And given all the intelligent comment on here on eat/eats, it’s a shame that DL is still rejecting “eat”. To repeat the point, “population” used as in this context is a collective noun in English and consequently can be followed by either “eat” or “eats”, with UK English tending to prefer the former and US English the latter.


Aaaaargh....I lost a heart for "eat" rather than "eats"....I still need to learn English!!! :-(


Your English was correct don't worry. In British/Irish English, "The population eat rice is correct. You will notice the same thing when people talk about football teams. "France are an amazing football team" or "Arsenal have problems defending" are completely correct and it would sound really strange to use "is" or "has" here. In America the opposite is true. Duolingo is being very American-centric here by not accepting the third person plural answer here TLDR: "Population" can be both a plural or singular noun https://www.englishforums.com/English/PopulationSingularPlural/bxpxd/post.htm


I dont understand you "lost a heart". Where do you gain or lose heart on here?


In the past, you had three hearts for every pratice, that is, you could make only three mistakes in total. If you lost them, you had to start all over again.

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